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Imagine your nine-year-old daughter being whisked away from
school by a sheriff and a social worker, and then interrogated
for two hours – with you having no knowledge of it until
well afterward.  And, get this, the parent was not even
the subject of the investigation! This actually happened
in Oregon, and now the case is headed to the United States
Supreme Court.

Liberty Counsel just filed a significant Amicus
Brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to protect
fundamental parental rights from being threatened
by social workers and law enforcement officers.
The mere fact that officials thought such an
outrage could be legal is deeply disturbing!

Our Amicus Brief will have special impact because
Liberty Counsel won a similar case in Wisconsin
in 2008.  In that case, a federal court of
appeals ruled that a social worker’s interrogation
and strip search of a minor violated the Fourth

This is another example of the way in which Liberty Counsel’s
body of work for the past 21 years has become a powerful
asset for all those who defend life, liberty, and family.
And with the help of thoughtful Americans like you, we will
continue to have an enormous impact on our culture for good!

In another case we are aggressively litigating, public school
administrators in Florida were hosting a lunch for about 18
people to thank them for contributing to a new athletic
facility.  Before the lunch – and while no students were in
the room – Frank Lay, a high school principal, turned to
Robert Freeman, his school’s athletic director, and asked him
to bless the meal.

When the ACLU learned of this “crime,” they
informed a federal judge and urged the court
to pursue CRIMINAL sanctions against them!

Amazingly, Frank and Robert were arrested and charged! If
they had been convicted, the penalty could have been six
months in jail, a $5,000 fine, and the loss of their
retirement benefits after a collective 70 years of service
to their community!

Liberty Counsel successfully defended Frank and
Robert – but we continue to do battle against
the ACLU and their local allies in Santa Rosa
County, Florida, because of their ongoing,
manipulative bullying and attempts to establish
a legal precedent through this outrageous tactic.

Even though we got all charges against Principal Lay and
Athletic Director Freeman dropped, the students and staff in
the school district are terrified that they too will be
charged as criminals… for merely exercising their
constitutional rights.

There are even reports of school district
employees literally hiding in closets if
they feel the need to pray or seek counsel
from a fellow Christian!

This is not the America envisioned by the Founders. This
is not your America and my America.

++Liberty Counsel is fighting at the epicenter of the
Culture War.

Every day, Liberty Counsel’s staff is engaged in litigation
on behalf of life, liberty, and family like the two examples
I just briefly mentioned.

A majority of the hundreds of cases in our current docket
will be handled without ever going to court. But the ones
that do go to court often require extensive preparation
and research.

Much of what we do is never reported in the media. We
represent, free of charge, those people and organizations
whose liberties are threatened by the bullying tactics
used by the ACLU and other radical anti-faith, anti-
freedom groups.

It’s only because of friends like you that
any of this can happen.  Voluntary financial
support from tens of thousands of thoughtful,
modern-day patriots has made it possible for
us to turn back assaults by anti-faith,
anti-life, and anti-family organizations.

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift
right now so our team can continue to fight against the
rise of Big Government, radical pro-homosexual forces,
anti-faith initiatives, the attacks of the ACLU, and
the activities of other activist legal groups?

Click here to tell me, “Yes, Mat. I (we) stand with you
and Liberty Counsel, and will make a special gift at
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++Defeating ObamaCare in the legislature and the courts.

We continue to press forward with our three-fold strategy
to make sure that the unconstitutional mandates of
ObamaCare (and its anti-life provisions) are completely
eliminated from American law…

* We work for the repeal and replacement of

* We press for the defunding of ObamaCare.

*And we fight in federal courts to get ObamaCare
declared unconstitutional.

As you probably know, I recently received notice that the
United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in
Richmond, Virginia, will hear my oral argument against
ObamaCare in the case of “Liberty University v. Geithner”
in early May – the same day as the Commonwealth of
Virginia’s case.

This outrageous legislation represents an astonishing
extension of the federal government into the personal
and business decisions of every American!  If ObamaCare
should be upheld by the courts, then there will be no
limits on what Congress can do. Congress FAR exceeded
its authority when it passed the so-called healthcare
“reform” bill.

That is why our lawsuit against ObamaCare is so
vitally important to every citizen of the
United States. That is also why your support
of our lawsuit is so crucial.

Without the support of thousands of concerned
Americans like you, our team would not have
been able to formulate and present such sound
and compelling arguments against ObamaCare’s
unconstitutional mandates.

Dale, my team and I spend an enormous amount of
time in preparation for each step this lawsuit takes in
the federal judicial system.  And this historic case is
taking place at a time when our caseload increases daily
and our resources are being stretched as never before.

Our presentation at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
is critical because it lays the groundwork for what will
likely be the final argument before the United States
Supreme Court. And it is imperative that my team
successfully anticipates the Obama Department of
Justice’s counter offensive.

Your support will help keep our legal team
engaged in defeating ObamaCare and in the
hundreds of other cases we will handle in

Please, prayerfully consider making a special gift today
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We cannot fight ObamaCare, the ACLU, and other organizations
that will stop at nothing to undermine our faith, families,
and liberties without your thoughtful help.  Thank you
in advance for your support!

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Today’s challenges to liberty, life, and family sometimes
seem overwhelming. But I firmly believe that God raised up
Liberty Counsel and friends like you for such a time as
this!  Please help us continue our vital work with a
generous gift today:

Again, thank you and God bless you!

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