I Don’t think That This Was The Change You Wonted

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Do you miss Bush yet?  From the way the tea party and I see it you should!  In all my years I have never seen one person do so much damage as has Obama.  I’m not saying that things have not happen before but this takes the cake.  He is doing all that he can to change the country and I do not mean for the better.

Was this really the change that you have been looking for?  I have said this before I know a person that was visiting from Russia for six months and he said that if we keep going in the direction we are he will be better of in Russia than we will be here.  In bar language Obama needs to be eighty-sixed and we would all be better off.

What I’m looking for is someone that can tell the truth and I would hope that is what you would be looking for as well.  Your grandchildren will not be able to pay off this debt.  A word to those that are going to run for office in November we want someone who can tell the truth.  Americans I want you to let me know what you think.


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