Here’s the real truth about our nation’s debt!

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Here’s the real truth about our nation’s debt crisis that
President Obama and Congress doesn’t want you to know

Our nation’s true debt stands at a whopping $120
trillion — making the much reported and debated $14.3
trillion look like chump change!

Here’s what we’ve found. According to the Congressional
Budget Office, and as reported by the CATO Institute,
a just released new report shows that the federal
government’s publicly held debt is set to explode to
101 percent of the GDP in just ten years!

More than the value of everything produced in the U.S!

Even worse, the CBO warns that unless substantive change
in our nation’s current course is made, by 2035 our
debt could reach 190 percent of our GDP.

Dale, the CBO just wrote our nation’s obituary!

According to the report, the media, Obama and his cronies
are only targeting “debt held by the public,” and are all
but ignoring “intragovernmental debt” or debt that the
federal government owes itself in the form of I.O.U.’s. The
New York Post likens this debt as “money you swiped from
your kid’s piggy bank. It may not appear on your credit
report, but it’s money that you still have to pay back.”

And finally, there’s “implicit debt,” — unfunded
obligations to programs like Social Security and Medicare.

All totaled, it exceeds $120 trillion.

So while Obama and Congress put on a show for the cameras
and pontificate about “staying in town until we get this
done,” they aren’t even discussing the real mountain of
debt that is looming overhead and threatening to destroy
our nation!

No. This is just a game to them, and we are being played
as fools.


Dale, the government isn’t going to fix this problem. The
media aren’t going to fix this problem. The solution to our
nation’s spending problem rests with its citizens.

That’s why next week, Grassfire Nation officials
are marching tens of thousands of citizen
petitions directly to key members of Congress —
putting them on notice and demanding they CUT,

Our records show that you haven’t yet added your name to
this important petition. Please do so right now by clicking

The CBO said the problem cannot be fixed simply by cutting
“fraud, waste and abuse” and raising taxes. Instead, they
said it can only be fixed by a dramatic reduction in spending.

That is precisely the message members of our team are taking
to Capitol Hill on Thursday, July 7, and why we are asking
you to take quick action with us so that we may represent
you next week when we confront lawmakers with tens of
thousands of petitions!

Click here now to be included:

This is a battle that grassroots Americans must win. Losing
is not an option — or even something to be discussed.

After signing, forward this message to your friends and
family.  Urge them to click below and sign our petition
so that we can also include them in this vital petition
delivery next week.

Have them click here to sign:

Please sign and forward this message today.

Grassfire Nation

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