Hello Tea Pariters

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Having Sarah Palin speak at your get together I think was a great thing.  Some has said that she should not have given up being Governor that it would heart her future.  Well I think that they are wrong!  Think of it very few had ever heard of her before the election and now most people know her around the world and that is a good thing.  I like many others would like to see her run for President in 2012.  Even if she runs for another office I think that she will do well.   The ones that don’t like her will never change.  Sarah Palin has the best foundation and that is simply the “TRUTH”  That is something that we are not getting in Washington starting from the top on down.  What Obama is doing to this country leaves me very sad.  When you read this please feel free to respond.  “I say go tea party”

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