Govenor Sarah Pailin

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To me Sarah Palin is a great person When she was running for V.P.   I was so impressed.  She had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at her.   She is one fine lady in my book.  That old saying one should not throw stones who live in glass houses is just to say that there were some out there that would have sounded better if they had keep their mouth shut.  To this day I have not figured out what went wrong with the Republican plat form.  There were several that I thought would have made a great President but fell by the way side before the starting gate even opened.  To this day I think there was something in the wood pile that SMELLED but that is just my thoughts on it.
There is no doubt in my mind that both party’s have some house cleaning to do.  There should be a two term limit for all in public office.  The way I see it the longer they stay the easier it is to line their pockets in one way or another.  Where Obama is taking this country to the far left is sad.  Then their are the ones on the left that think that just because we speak out at what is called a tea party or a town hall meeting that we are now nothing but a bunch of red necks.  When they do it it is another story.
I’m finding it harder and harder to recognize my country the way things are going now.  What I want is my country back that I joined the Navy to fight for.  My brother had a chance to meet Sarah’s in laws a few months back I only wish that I could have been there as well.  To let them hear what they already know that Sarah is a fine lady.

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