Going Rouge

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I have watched Sarah Palin from the beginning now that she is on Fox News I have watched and listen with the thought ! “how refreshing”   So far I see Sarah as one of few who seems to speak the truth.  I can not see where she is trying to B/S anyone which is a lot more than I can say for about 97% of Congress and the White House.

If Congress’s jaw jacking was spread across America we would go green in the blink of an eye.  Where or what will Sarah Palin do or go from this point I can’t say.  But I have to say that I don’t see her surrounding herself with Communist.  America as I see it has strayed away from what the founders had set fort now it is time that we get back to where we started.

Maybe America should slow down take a deep breath and think about where we have been and where we are going.  I leave you with this thought  “YOU CAN NOT SPEND WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE”

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