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Little known fact about when we declared our independence from England.  The men that fought under the command of George Wahsington had to over come the elements lack of clothes and food but when all was said and done there was something that was still not done the military never got paid.
There was a group that met to figure out just what was going to be the coarse of action.  What these people did not know that while trying to make up their minds George Washington interupted the meating.  Because when he came into the meeting they had already decided to kill everyone in congress.  I have got a feeling that in this da and age very few ever heard of this plan.  It was the words that George Washington had said to them that changed their minds as he turned and walked out with out another word being said.
Now lets fast forward to today we have a majority of people that do not like what Obama and his cronies are doing and the direction that he is taking the country.
It has not been said that we should have such a plan today but what most Americans do not understand is why the government thinks that we work for them when it is the other way around “They work for us”  What we do have today as we did back then is the power to vote them out.  There is no question that most of congress has been in there way to long and they know how to work the ponzi scheme on all Americans.  Now we have recently convicted people of this but congress continues to carry on where they have left off.
They have been way to busy patten each other on the back and saying that I will vote on something that is your if you vote on something that is mine.  I’ll say this part over and over again you/we have to flood them with phone calls, letters, e-mails or by any other means that you can think of to let them know in no certain ways we will not stand for this.  They swore to uphold the constitution and now I for one think that many have commited treason.

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