General News Won’t Tell You!

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Watch this 10-second video where a lineup of leading Russians refuse to shake hands with Obama. 

This was not shown on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

This is “hard ball”, Soviet Style. After the third handshake refusal, it becomes obvious. Obama’s  Facial expression is priceless. 

And what’s with the limp-wrist, half-hearted hand extension –

Man up Obama, this is the big leagues!

Did Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer deliberately not show this? Duh!

If this had been Bush, how do you think the liberal media would have covered it?

Have you ever seen a Head of State snubbed like this?

It’s going to be a rough ride…and overseas Obama has been measured accurately and accorded the (lack of) respect he so deserves.



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