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ELECTION SOS=same old stuff and PHD=Piler Higher and Deeper=Obama

Obama and his staff running the campaign on a similar manner as Adolph Hitler did in his rise to power in the 1930’s. Obama claimed that he was or is not a socialist. Webster says it like this. 1. ANY OF VARIOUS THEORIES OR SYSTEMS OF THE OWNERSHIP AND OPERATION OF THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION BY SOCIETY OR THE COMMUNITY RATHER THAN BY PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS,WITH ALL MEMBERS OF SOCIETY OR COMMUNITY SHARING IN THE WORK AND THE PRODUCTS. 2. POLITICAL MOVEMENTS FOR ESTABLISHING SUCH A SYSTEM THE DOCTRINES, METHODS, ETC. OF THE SOCIALIST PARTIES. 3. THE STAGE OF SOCIETY, IN MARXIST DOCTRINE, COMING BETWEEN THE CAPITALIST STAGE AND THE COMMUNIST STAGE IN WHICH PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Adolph Hitler Would start with the very young and teach them to be informants on their families and friends and tell them that by doing this they would have a better Germany. So you say what about the older people. Good question. In one word FEAR in which they were told that the government could do a greater and better job of taking care of them than they could. Now the last statement sounds a lot like what Obama has been saying all along. The difference between Adolph and Obama is Adolph did not use the word CHANGE. I will stop for now before it turns into a book. Papa Bear signing off for now

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