Election 2012!!

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Hello America let me run this by you.  There has been rumors that Michele Bachmann Might run in 2012 from what I’ve seen and heard about her it could be a good thing if she dose.  I also have to say that I could see Sarah Palin running as well.  I think that eather one would do a fine job of getting America back on track.

Obama has leaned us so far to the left I feel like we are laying down.  God help us if we have to put up with him for four more years!!!!  I have talked about this before that we should have never bailed out any one.  No one is to big not to fail in my life time there has been several car companies that have gone under and there was no one there to save them.

It is long over due that some in Washington get their head out of the shade (Being nice) and smell the coffee.  One has to but look around at other countries that are so far to the left that the train wreck is well underway and we still have people that think that Obama is on the right track.

When he first started to run I knew it was going to be bad!  Yet some like sheep fell right in line to be led to the slaughter.  Sure hope that some eyes have been opened so that we do not keep going this way.  I’m telling you you are not going to like it if we stay on the path of destruction we are now on.  In closing GOD BLESS AMERICA

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