Election 2012

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I’m going to start out by saying hello America.  Now I’m going to ask a question from the time Obama started do you recognize your country???  In all my 69 years this is the closest I’ve seen the country to falling off a cliff.

I’m deeply sad to see the direction Obama is leading my country, what I see and hear is not for the better.  I believe that he sees himself as (KING) I see him as a bag of wind.  When he talks about needing to make cuts  wow who was it that spent more money than I’d know what to do with???

All the bail outs that he said was needed to get us on what he considers the right track has done nothing to change us for the better actually it has done the opposite it is taking us down.For every job that he has claimed to create   do you know what it job has cost the American tax payer???  Believe me it is way more than it is worth.

Not only is he not a leader he is not even a follower, someone else is pulling the strings we just have to find out who!!!  In the past I thought that there were some lame people in the White House but as it turns out he is making them look good.

In the last election there were people that said Sarah Palin was not knowledgeable about the world well this nimrod  is so full of it that if he took an exlax there would be nothing left.  Just could not think of a kinder way to put it.

Bottom line when you go to vote give it some thought as to do you likw where we are going and is this what wou want for your kids and grandchildren!!!

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