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The post just before this one is also about education.  Today I had a further thought on the topic.  I think that it is something that I knew Even when I was in grade school and that is.

It is my contention that the educational system as it is set up is trying to put a round peg in a square hole that is to say every child should fit the same mold.  That is in my mind the reason that there is some 30% or more drop out in the United States that is a sad thing yet the ones that set what children are to learn are doing to them.  Besides the three “R’S”  we need teachers that can find out what a child likes and or good at.

Not long ago I heard the Mayor of Los Angeles, California say  “He wanted to take over the school system and how and what was learned!  I thought to myself what’s he know about the whole thing!

Even Obama thinks that everyone should go to collage well it don’t work that way.  Some are met to go some are not.  That’s not to say that the ones that do not go can not be or do great things in life.

Please take time to reflect on what your child is learning and are they really learning what it will take to carry them through life!

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