Don’t Need the Government to Do This

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Economy, General, Politics

The Lincoln Log Company in New York State fell on some bad times. Workers were laid off and things at the company got worse.  Now this could happen anywhere but what made this story so good is a family that owned some other small business in the area you could say came to the rescue.  Now for the story the family that bought the company it  was able to hire back some of the ones that were laid off.  That was a good thing.  There were some back orders that they were able to start working on.  Now all the workes there have not been hired back as yet but the new owners are saying that they hope that in time that they will rehire these workers.  Now the part I like about this story is Obama had nothing what so ever to do with this.  It cost the tax payers nothing.  Which goes to show that we the people of America are being taken for suckers.

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