Diane Sawyer’s Program on 20-20

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Guns

I forced myself to watch it to see what the left (anti-gunners) had to say been though it was said that it was not an anti gun show.

Maybe it was only my view that it was an anti-gun story.  They had set up a situation where a gun man came in shooting on a class the was being thought by a gun instructor with police officers as students with one exception a young person had a concealed weapon in a holster waist hi with a log sleeve pull over shirt, long sleeves and the shirt came to below hid crotch.  A this point no one knew that would be a interruption with a shooting,  this scenario was done several times whit both mail and female trying this experiment with guns on there belt.  As I remember the one with the gun was shot more than once.  In each case the one with the gun never went for cover. The original target was the instructor till the one with the gun started shooting. They were not pain ball guns and if I remember right they were Glocks.  Of course they were not real bullets.

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