Diane Sawyer on 20-20

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She started out by saying something about that this was not a statement against guns.  Being a member of the N.R.A. I saw it differently that she presented it.  For you that did not get a chance to see it it went like this.  It was a class being held on gun safety everyone was dressed the same. All were wearing a pull over top with long sleeves and came down at least a foot or more from the waist line.  They showed the same scenario using a man and a woman.  Here is what happen.  A person came in the room and shot at the instructor in each case the young person was the only one with a gun and it was in a holster on their belt.I’m not sure what they were shooting but it was not paint balls.  They were using a Glock and what ever they were shooting it would leave a mark when it hit.  As the shooting started everyone was scattering for cover.  Each time the person with the gun did not take cover and was hit multiple times.  They tried to say that all that had a gun have had some kind of training.  How it was presented was wrong.  Just because one has a gun don’t mean they have to use it from the git go.  They also should have taken cover first.  Each time it was acted out the person with the gun would get it hung up on the bottom of his shirt.  The exercises in each case was a joke. In fact just because one who carries a gun don’t mean that they have to think that they are John Wayne.  There are time to be smart and not do something that will get you in trouble.  In showing what they did they tried to make it look like that this was the only way something could come down.  First of all if one has a CCW they should go through a class that will really show one how to use it.  In short shame on 20-20 and Diane Sawyer for miss leading the ones that watched the show.

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