Cutting Cost in California

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Politics

The State of California is hurting so bad for money that the Governor is cutting things that should not be cut. One example is to let thousands of inmates out of state prisons. This is a bad idea. They were sent there for a reason and for a certain amount of time. Now all the hard work that law enforcement has done so that they could be brought to court. Now the expense of the court which cost the state mega dollars. Now thousands of inmates will be let out on the streets to start over again doing what they did before they were locked up. Now if the state is not broke enough now they will spend more money retrying them so they can go back to jail. Now I’m sure that everyone will think that is a great deal. The Federal Government is just as dingy with the two Demarcates that are running to take over the top job in the country. In several letters to the Governor I have tried to get a job that would bring the price of keeping an inmate locked up but he must have thought that he did not need any help. Sheriff Joe in Arizona has got the price down. Now we can do the same as the Sheriff in Arizona has done but we have to many bleeding harts such as the ACLU that screw things up. I do not understand why the good people of California won’t stand up and say no more of this. This is it till Papa Bear is again back on his soap box.

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