Conservatives/Obama wants to silence and take your guns

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President Barack Obama wants to drive a knife through the heart of the conservative and pro-family movement by silencing the 501 (c)(4) organizations that give it a voice in public affairs.

Make no mistake: The President is moving quickly to marshal the full force of the IRS in an effort to gag conservative citizens in the crucial 2014 mid-term elections.

This move is a key part of his “Year Of Action” campaign through which he has announced that he will not be accountable to Congress or the American people.  In response to the administration’s outrageous hubris, Senator Ted Cruz recently referred to Barack Obama as an “Imperial President” unlike any we have seen in American history.
Because the administration has successfully squashed opposition in Congress – especially in Harry Reid’s “Do Nothing Senate” – you and I, as individual American citizens,  are now the last line of defense against Barack Obama’s tyranny!
In order to continue in his role as America’s most radical subversive, Barack Obama knows he must silence his opposition.
In 2014, that means he must attempt to squash the groups that give voice to his most potent adversaries – patriotic Americans like you and me who defend and support the Constitution!

++President Obama intends to completely shut down conservative groups.

Simply put, the President is moving to silence every conservative non-profit group with the 501 (c)(4) designation, including Liberty Counsel Action and Freedom Federation.

What’s more, the new set of regulations exempts prominent liberal lobbying groups like labor unions!  This exemption foretells the administration’s intent to use a strategy of “selective enforcement” to target conservative groups while giving liberal “progressive” groups a pass.
If Barack Obama has his way, Liberty Counsel Action and dozens of other key conservative and pro-family groups will be silenced on the key policy debates of our day!

A few years ago, the Obama administration’s IRS succeeded in targeting and neutralizing Tea Party groups in one of the most outrageous, partisan political attacks ever attempted by a federal agency.

But the new attack strategy is much more dangerous. Now, the President is moving to silence Liberty Counsel Action and the other key organizations that represent the LAST LINE OF DEFENSE against his radical agenda.

++Urgent action is required.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do….

I am dedicating the full resources of Liberty Counsel’s legal team to defend Liberty Counsel Action and a host of other pro-family and conservative groups against this scandalous attack.

We expect to directly engage the Obama administration, his Justice Department, and the IRS in court in the coming weeks. We will meet these attacks by Team Obama with every legal resource we have available!

Dale, I need your help to build the “war chest” necessary to fight these battles and continue other vital efforts.

Will you help?

Please, consider making a generous donation today to help us stop the assaults on conservative organizations by Barack Obama’s bullies at the IRS!

We can’t undertake this momentous legal effort without your support. Your gift today will help us in this legal fight which will be triggered by the IRS announcement after their “public comment” period on the proposed regulations ends on February 28.

That’s just days away. Please, go here to help:

God bless you for your thoughtful patriotism,

Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The Internal Revenue Service, the most feared of all federal agencies, will once again seek to silence the voices of tens of millions of conservative Americans during an election year through new regulations that directly impact the work of Liberty Counsel Action and other conservative public interest groups.

The core missions of Liberty Counsel Action and other pro-liberty 501 (c)(4) organizations are being severely threatened!

Liberty Counsel’s litigation team is preparing for an aggressive legal counter-attack to stop the IRS regulations from silencing conservative Americans.

Please, consider a special gift today to help build our war chest for this important legal fight.  Go here to help:


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