Congress Can’t Hear You!

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Within hours of Monday’s dead-of-night railroad vote on
ObamaCare, Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) was already openly
saying what skeptical Americans suspected all along.

“This is just the beginning,” he said.  “What we’re building
is a starter home, not a mansion.  And guess what? We have
room for expansions and additions later on.”

Harkin was merely trying to placate his party’s angry left
wing, but for the majority of Americans who don’t want ANY
form of ObamaCare, it was a “suspicions confirmed” moment.
The camel’s nose – no, his entire torso – is now in the tent!

How many times must we fall for the socialists’ “We have
a terrible emergency here and only our radical plan can
save us” schemes?  ObamaCare is just one more “Bait and
Switch” from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of power.

TARP One. ClimateGate. A proposed TARP Two. And now ObamaCare.
The pattern has never strayed very far from Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel’s famous “Never waste a good crisis” strategy.

++By Monday afternoon, the AMA showed up to get their “fix”

With his bogus “less than a trillion” price tag from the
Congressional Budget Office safely in hand, Harry Reid could
finally afford to “receive” the American Medical Association’s
prized endorsement.

How convenient that the AMA’s permanent fix to Medicare
reimbursement rates could wait until AFTER the CBO scoring
process on Reid’s “Manager’s Amendment”!

Of course, the AMA’s “doc fix” will add an estimated $250 to
$400 billion dollars to the final tab, and that’s just one part
of the “adjustment” process!  As we’ve said all along, ObamaCare
will cost at least $2.5 trillion and bring higher taxes,
taxpayer-funded abortion, a swelling bureaucracy and the
rationing of care.

++Is there any hope left of stopping this monstrosity?

Although socialist leaders are loudly crowing their triumph,
this shakedown is far from a “done deal.”  As we have often
noted during this battle, Reid, Pelosi and Obama are constantly
trying to assert the “inevitability” of ObamaCare passing.
But it’s really not over yet!

Consider these substantial remaining hurdles:

1)  The Senate bill still needs two more votes of 60 Senators and
then a final vote. If it does not clear these three remaining
Senate votes, then it is defeated.  Today and tomorrow will
see the second and third required “60 vote” sessions. Then,
if they get past these tests, the final vote will take place
on Christmas Eve.

2)  The public is increasingly angry about the bill and the
outrageous process Pelosi and Reid have used to get what they
want.  Many observers are now saying that tanking public
opinion (and the approaching 2010 elections!) could derail
ObamaCare in the end.

3)  The Senate-House Conference Committee, through which the
bill’s final form will be hammered out, is likely to become
extremely contentious.  If any single Senator objects to
the appointment of conferees, then ObamaCare could be forced
back through the Senate yet another time!

4)  There were razor-thin margins of passage in both houses of
Congress.  And pro-life Representatives like Bart Stupak are
itching for a fight after the Senate effectively ignored
their abortion concerns in Reid’s version of ObamaCare.
Just a few conscience-driven defections in the final
stages would completely upset the socialists’ plans!

In short, IT IS NOT TIME TO GIVE UP!  And even if this horrendous
bill and its taxpayer-funded abortion provisions are eventually
rammed through, we must still continue resisting!

++ If this bill becomes law, Liberty Counsel is prepared to
challenge its constitutionality in court!

Harry Reid’s 383-page amendment and its 2,074-page underlying bill
(H.R. 3590) are unconstitutional because:

1)  Congress has NO authority to force every American to
carry insurance coverage, and,
2)  Congress has NO authority to fine employers whose
policies do not have the mandated coverage.

Dale, if this monstrous healthcare bill passes, it
must be strongly challenged in the federal judiciary from the
moment of its birth.  Liberty Counsel stands ready to do exactly

++For now, we must continue to make Congress hear our voice!

Major pro-life and conservative organizations are going all out
this week to BURY the Senate in protest over Harry Reid and
Barack Obama’s dirty tricks.  They have lied, dissembled,
and manipulated our system to get what they want at any cost.
The Senate still must get 60 votes two more times this week
before they vote to approve Harry Reid’s version of the bill.

Americans nationwide are expressing their OUTRAGE at this
manipulation and total lack of integrity.  Reid, Pelosi and
Obama have proven they will do anything it takes to get this
government takeover of our medical industry.  Now more than
ever, the socialists and abortion advocates need to understand
that WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP and will resist to the very end!

Here’s what I’m asking you to do…

#1 — Fax Your Senators TODAY!

Even if you have done so many times already, help us continue
flooding Senate offices with feedback from constituents who
refuse to stop protesting these seemingly endless schemes to
deceive, manipulate and disempower the American people!

Go here right now:

Of course, we always encourage you to send your own faxes if
you prefer. We have provided all the information you need to
reach the key senators here:

#2 – Call your Senators!

Please… take a moment to call your two Senators – even every
day this week right up to Christmas – and let them know you
are OUTRAGED by the way this bill has been handled. Then urge
them to vote “NO!” on ANY form of ObamaCare:

Sen. Feinstein          202-224-3841

Sen. Boxer      202-224-3553

#3 – Pray that this bill will be miraculously derailed!  Pray
for God’s deliverance from being forced to pay for abortions
and from the overt deceit and trickery that has become the
norm from the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power axis.  PLEASE keep
the heat on, especially after we have been deceived and shoved
aside!  Go here to raise your voice in protest:

Now is NOT the time to be silent!  Join like-minded Americans
who will be making Harry Reid and the Senate majority realize
that this power-play WILL be the undoing of everyone who votes
for the ObamaCare Abortion Bill of 2009!

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S.  This battle is not over, no matter how much the
Pelosi/Reid/Obama power axis wants us to think that it is.

Please pray!  There is always hope in God! Continue taking
action!  And let your Senators know that you WILL hold them
accountable for their decisions on ObamaCare and its
outrageous handling!  Once again, thank you for praying
and speaking out.

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