CNN Repoter Susan Roesgen

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Economy, Government, Nap Time

On tax day there were tens of thousands across the country at tea parties saying enough is enough of big government.  So this so called reporter was interviewing a man holding a small boy.  apparently she could not figure out why all this was going on and was asking this man.  He tried to explain why he and all the others were there.  She came up with something lame about did he not know that he was going to get four hundred dollars back for having a kid.  She was getting all nasty with him which I was trying to figure out why.  My wife was watching with me and I looked at her and said that if I would have been him I had a perfect answer which is.  It would have been answering a question with a question.  “Just because you have everything it takes to be a prostitute dose that make you one.”

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