Cell Phone Law as of July 2008

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Soon there will be a cell phone law that will go in effect and you will not be able to hold the phone in your hand. It will have to be hands free. I find there to be a problem with this law. So I wrote the Governor of which he did not respond. This is how it went.

Distractions while driving.

1. Changing stations on the radio, inserting a CD, inserting a tape.

2. Putting on make up.

3. Lighting a smoke.

4. Arguing with someone in the car.

5. Trying to control the kids in the back seat.

6. Reading material while driving.

7. Eating and/or drinking while driving.

So I saved the best one for last and that is the officer that would be giving you the ticket for using the cell phone breaks the same law during his or her shift by using a device to talk on to the dispatcher and so forth though it may not be called a cell phone it is used in the same way. As I see it there should be a law for the things that I have talked about and for some that I have not even thought about.

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