California’s gun owners and must be defeated.

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AB1934, AB1810, and AB2223 are very serious threats to the rights of California’s law-abiding gun owners and must be defeated.


Please contact the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and strongly voice your opposition to AB1934, AB1810, and AB2223. Contact information can be found below.

Assembly Appropriations Committee:

Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes – Chair (D-39)

(916) 319-2039


Assemblymember Connie Conway – Vice Chair (R-34)

(916) 319-2034


Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-13)

(916) 319-2013


Assemblymember Steven Bradford (D-51)

(916) 319-2051


Assemblymember Charles M. Calderon (D-58)

(916) 319-2058


Assemblymember Joe Coto (D-23)

(916) 319-2023


Assemblymember Mike Davis (D-48)

(916) 319-2048


Assemblymember Kevin de Leon (D-45)

(916) 319-2045


Assemblymember Isadore Hall III (D-52)

(916) 319-2052


Assemblymember Diane L. Harkey (R-73)

(916) 319-2073


Assemblymember Jeff Miller (R-71)

(916) 319-2071


Assemblymember Jim Nielsen (R-2)

(916) 319-2002


Assemblymember Chris Norby (R-72)

(916) 319-2072


Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-14)

(916) 319-2014


Assemblymember Jose Solorio (D-69)

(916) 319-2069


Assemblymember Tom Torlakson (D-11)

(916) 319-2011


Assemblymember Alberto Torrico (D-20)

(916) 319-2020


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