California-Where did all the money go?

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The Governor is not telling us something that we don’t know.  What he or anyone else is saying is. WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO ?

Now he wants state employees to work so many days for free. Maybe what the state employees that this concerns should sue the Governor and the state of California. Just a thought. Back to something I said in other blogs I showed him one way to save the state money and nothing ever came of it.

That was the cost of running prisons.  You ever think of the risks a CCO that is a “California corrections officer”  Now the Governor is telling them that they have to work a few days for free. I DON’T THINK SO.

In short what I said to do is cut off the benefits that we the people pay for every day.  That I don’t think that they should have to start with.  The plan is simple Bring Sheriff Joe who set up tent city in Arizona come over and show the Governor how it is done.  But you see that should be way to easy they need to do everything the hard way.

Just for starters they have a better health plan than anyone has.  There is no co pay.  Even heard of having sex changes on your/ our dime.  Now there is a staff of doctors/ nurses there but when there is a shanking or what have you they are air lifted to outside medical again on your/ our dime so why is there a medical staff.  Cut them loose and we will save even more money.  I wish that everyone was as pissed off as I am And would call your state reps or writ or email even.  Doing this will get their attention.

I think that the Governor don’t want to rock the boat because pepole like the A.C.L.U. might want to sue them.  Just maby we the people of California shouls sue the state for being so dumb.  Just a thought.  Now how many of you can think of ways that cost can be cut that will not hurt state employes pay checks?

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