California State Prisons

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It has again come to my attention that the State of California could save some money with cutting back or changing the way that legal drugs are handed out to the inmates.  There is a prison that I have heard about that has five yards for inmates to go out to during the day and a medical unit for each yard which like I said it has come to my attention that a small trash bag of drugs amounts to between $100 to 130 thousand dollars per month and that is just one yard.  Now there are thirty three state prisons in California.  Do the math it comes to a lot of money that could be saved each year.One pill in particular is used for pain and have been told that the medical staff hand them out like they were  candy!  About all an inmate has to say is that something hurts and they get a pain pill.  Then they do what is known as cheeking the pill then later sell it to other inmates.  I have written about the costly spending in the prisons before but the Governor did not want to hear about it.  At least that is the way it seems because there has been no change.  I’m sure that this goes on in other states as well.  If you are tired of your tax dollars being waisted it is time that we all call and say this must stop.

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