California Public Schools

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Have the people in the California school system completely lost their minds?????  Now they want to teach about homosexuals they can’t even teach the ABC’S math and so on!!!!  I don’t want my grandkids learning about this in school.  I find it hard to believe that parents and grandparents are not enraged over this.

As I started out they can’t even teach what they should be teaching.  Long before I heard about this I thought that they were doing a crappie job.  I think that every body wit kids in school and even if you don’t should call the Board of Education and demand that this not be done.  Talk about a bunch of ninny-hammers the way things are now they are not ready to take their place in the world.

If you find this as disgusting as I do it is time to do something about it to see that this will not take place.  While on the subject of learning one is said that all deserver to a higher education well some will go on and some won’t.  If all went who would be left to do all the other jobs that one dose not need a degree for?

If parents want there kids to learn about this let them teach it to them.  In ending I say to the ones that want this to take place  “KISS MY GRITS”

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