California Going Broke

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A while back I thought that it might be interesting to see if I could get a job with Governors office.  In all I sent three letters saying the same thing which was  To bring down the cost of operating the state prisons in California. So I tried to send a letter to my state representative Jim Batton.  I sent him a copy of what I sent to the governor (Mind you there was no job opening for this position I made it up) Jim Batton’s office was good enough to respond.  I had ask him to intercede for me being that I was getting no where on my own.  Jim Batton’s office forward my request to the Governor’s office on my behalf.  Not till then did I hear from the Governors office telling me that they would keep my request on file for as long as he was in office. I even reminded Governor Schwarzenegger That when he was running for Governor I voted for him twice.  He had no trouble asking for my help to get elected and when I wanted to do something like help him and the great people of California cut cost and save the tax payers money.

In the great State of Arizona there is Sheriff Joe who operates tent city.  He is my hero and I thought that we could run the prisons in California in the same manner.  I can tell you that I did not get the job.  Now a jump to the here had now.  The ship is sinking fast as far as the spending more than we have in the bank so to speak.  Every family has a budget which tells you you can not buy a BMW on ten dollars an hour pay.  Now if we can figure this out  who is the ding bat in our state who can’t see this???

So now we have a republican governor who is sounding more and more like a democrat which wants to (RAISE TAXES)  What everyone should want to know is who’s pockets got full first???

I still say if we were to follow Arizona’s Sheriff Joe’s plan I could bring down the cost of state government.  But the ACLU and I use the term TREE HUGGERS collectively  would not stand for it.  =-(  You heard of million man marches (WE NEED MILLIONS OF GOOD PEOPLE ON FLOOD THE GOVERNOR WITH LETTERS TO MAKE THIS CHANGE.  I do not mean by laying off the correction officers or cutting their pay.

Enough for now as you know a book could be done on this subject.

Papa Bear signing off

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