California Budget

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More information has come to my attention.  The governor of the state of California has cut state wages on the state employees but in my mind has not considered cutting in the right places.

If you have read any of my information in the past it my help to see what I’m saying.  First the governor has or is about to let out about 55000 inmates so to cut costs in the state.  I’m not impressed!!! In fact just the opposite.  The more information that I was referring to is this.  Inmates have lost no benefits what so ever!!!???  WHY?

Some get paid by the state so they are state employees then there is a free education from GED to college and what ever else there is in between.  But the correction officers have taken a 10% hit in their pay and still have to work which comes to about two days a month for free. Now I sak you what kind of crap is that???

My guess is California’s governor is running scared of what the inmates might say or do!!!

The inmates health care is a 100% free with exception that you and I pay for it.  There was one that wanted to have a sex change from male to female you and I payed for.They as inmates have more rights that you and I do.  I’m asking everyone to contact the governor and flood them with letters on this matter.

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