California and the U.S.A.

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First we find that the country is in debt and owe our soul to China…  Now how in God’s name did we get there?  We owe more money to them than all the land in America is worth.  It was but a short time ago that this has come to my attention.  I don’t remember anyone asking me what I thought about getting a loan from a communist country.  I ask, “Why was this never brought to light?”  Now there are instantiations lined up at the White House door with their hands out.  Now the car companies that have had years to do something to make cars that got better gas millage and leave the air cleaner now are in the same line with their sob stories.  Foreign car companies ran away with it all and the U.S. companies don’t know whether to BLANK or go BLIND.  I put the word blank in to be nice.  What ever there is left to say you can fill in the blanks as well as I can.

Now the Governor of California wants a part of the action.  A long time ago I thought that, and I quote  “CALIFORNIA SHOULD SECEDE FROM THE UNION” and apply to the United States for foreign aid.

Again, who was on watch when this bomb was dropped?!  My idea would be to get rid of all the old codgers and the likes out of all levels of government and start over.  Way to many padding their pockets with this and that perk.  Maybe there should be a test before one can run for office; especially a mental test.  The only thing there is not a test for is having babies. For sure, there is more that could be said.

Papa Bear signing off.

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