Do the Politicians Really Care?

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Politics

A few days ago I saw for the first time I can think of it was the phone number for the White House urging you to call on what Obama is trying to ram down our throat.  So I tried calling the White house to complain about the package he was putting forth.  To my surprise the line was busy so in a while I tried again still bust.  The bottom line I tried for several days and could not get through.  Must be there are a lot of people that had something to say!  Next I tried my two   from California at their offices in D.C. one said that all the people were busy helping others and that I would be put on hold.  The next thing I heard was that being on hold would last for two minutes and they would hang up.  So I called the other Senator Boxer voice Came on saying that all calls were important to her but again the lines were busy then I heard that if I wanted to leave a message I was to press number two so I did and it said that the mail box was full.  With trying to call the three numbers for days it all came to the same end!

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