Barack Obama for the Noble Peace Prize

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There must be a lot of people that think he can walk on water.  I just don’t see it!

I just read an article on how the Noble Committee is taking some criticism for its selection of Barack Obama for the Noble Peace Prize, both from sources in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. Here is the quote that kind of jumped out at me.

The Committee Chairman is Thorbjoern Jagland who commented on Obama’s efforts to heal the divide between the West and the Muslim world and scale down a Bush-era proposal for an anti-missile shield in Europe.

“All these things have contributed to — I wouldn’t say a safer world — but a world with less tension,” Jagland said by phone from the French city of Strasbourg, where he was attending meetings in his other role as secretary-general of the Council of Europe.

That really got to me. Obama’s efforts may not have contributed to a safer world, but one with less tension. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. I mean, if I have a gun in my house and the government takes it away, wouldn’t all those people who wish to break into my house now have less tension? I thought the reason to have an anti-missile shield was to make things safer! When the people who are a threat to you know they can’t harm you, don’t they usually back away from their position of ill will to you and begin working towards peace and thereby less tension ? ? ?

But what do I know!

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