ATF gun-running scandal.

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What a horrible feeling.

It’s kind of like how I felt in school when I knew I didn’t do well on an exam, and sure enough, when I received my grade, I actually did worse.

Yeah, I’ve got that pit in my stomach.

It’s this ATF gun-running scandal. I knew it was bad …

… but it’s only getting worse each day that passes.

I’m sure by now you know all about the ATF’s gun-smuggling scandal, “Fast & Furious.”

Imagine the worst gift you ever opened on Christmas morning. With this ATF scandal, you and I as gun owners and grassroots activists get to open a new one every day.

This week, news broke revealing not only was the ATF forcing gun store owners to help them smuggle weapons to drug cartels south of the U.S.-Mexican border but also the ATF was forcing gun store owners in — Indiana — to sell similar weapons to criminals.

Fellow gun rights activist David Codrea has been all over this story. He reported that a gun store in Evansville, IN was targeted by the ATF in recent years.

Evansville is middle America!

If the ATF has its’ tentacles in places like Evansville, where else might they be operating? Waterloo, IA. Florence, SC. Nashua, NH. Holland, MI. Your town, certainly.

I’m afraid that these ATF agents are everywhere.

And with the ATF taking direct orders from Barack Obama’s hand-picked Attorney General, Eric Holder, there’s no telling what they are capable of.

I do have something else on my mind. The Presidential election next year.

But even sooner, the Republican nomination for President.

Sure, Barack Obama could certainly still win, but what about the Republican candidates. Where do they stand on our gun rights?

Where do they stand on the ATF? Will someone pledge to defund the ATF? To aggressively reign them in?

With a known anti-gunner like Mitt Romney still as a top contender, I have reason to be concerned.

Mitt Romney’s record on guns is clear. He voted to ban certain types of firearms while governor of Massachusetts, supports the freedom-restricting Brady Bill and has refused to return NAGR’s Presidential Candidate Survey.

What about Rick Perry? So far, with a deadline fast approaching, he hasn’t answered our survey. Sure, he touts the fact the he has a gun permit as proof that he is ”pro-gun,” but left-wing Democrats Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer also have gun permits. And I know they aren’t “pro-gun.”

I want to make sure that the Republican candidates for President are thoroughly vetted and if Barack Obama loses, the ATF will be greatly restricted, if not eliminated.

There is too much on the line here.

Our Second Amendment rights have been under assault for decades. At times, the assault has been tougher to handle than others.

I’ve still got that pit in my stomach. I still have that horrible feeling about this ATF scandal.

It might be worse than you and I think.

Please get active in the grassroots gun rights community.

Make sure the Republican candidates for President, and your federally-elected officials, hear from you at town hall events, campaign rallies, over email and the phones.

Tell them you want to know where they stand on the ATF.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. The ATF’s gun-smuggling scandal continues to grow. Grassroots gun rights activists need to know where all the candidates for President stand on the ATF.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have so far refused to return their gun rights Presidential Survey. To help pressure them to come clean on where they stand on the Second Amendment and the ATF, will you chip in $15 or $20?

Please get in touch with all the candidates for President and demand that they let gun owners know exactly where they stand on the Second Amendment.

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