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A friend of mine married a Russian lady and her parents still live in Russia.  They came to the United States for a six month visit.  In conversation over that time he said that if Obama maintains the road he is leading us down that we will be worse off than they are in Russia.

Now I understand that this is one persons thoughts but another friend of mine know’s people from Germany and they said the same thing that the man said from from Russia.

As far as myself I would not trust him even if I knew he was telling the truth.  When I was a lot younger there were several car company’s that went by the way side some even merged and still could not make it.  There were no bail outs at this rate the government will own your sole.  Think about that one.

He is trying to reinvent the wheel and all it needs is a small fix I’ll say it again for the ones on the far left   “A SMALL FIX” I only wish I knew who to call to get 99% of them impeached in Washington D.C. for treason starting with the White House then the House and Senate.

I thank God for the tea party along wit the others that feel something needs to be done.

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