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This past week in the news there was a six year old girl being patted down. The mother was standing right there while this took place.  The girl was terrified to say the least.

I thought about it for a while and thought that if I were the parent I would have made a citizens arrest for child molesting. Yes you heard me right.  Parents from the start teach there children that no one is to touch them in such a manner.  Had it been anywhere but at the airport The person would be arrested for molestation. So why are parents allowing this to take place???

Its bad enough an adult gets felt up but a child I do not understand.  I’m sure that there is more that could be said on this subject.  I guess what I’m asking as a parent what will you do the next time your at the airport???    I do know a police officer and the next time I see him I will ask him about this.

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