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Hi Gary,
First I want to thank you for thank the time to read my blog. The blog that you relate to I say this.  My parents voted for the demarcates till the fifty’s and changed when Ike became president The way they saw it and i have seen it for some time is the demarcates think that they are smarter than we the people and have to take care of us from the time we come into the world till the time we leave because they are sure that we have no common scene. to do the job for our selves.  The way I see it if I think I need help and have used up all means to do so I might think of calling on them.  Mind you I say “MIGHT”  To start with no matter what side you were on it was not a full time job  they went to D.C. for a short period of time then returned home to their jobs till it was time to go again. I think that there should be term limits because the longer both sides stay the better they get at filling their own pockets.  I like listening to Fox News and they ask for people to call in about the “CAP AND TRADE”  Well I called the number and it was busy I tried the redial no less than 12 times and it was still busy.  The problem is even if you were to get through most do not care what you have to say.  This was a special addition just for you and if would be so kind as to share it with your friends.

To everyone this was in answer to an E-mail I got from Gary one of my readers he got this same information sent to him in a reply to his e-mail.  So I thought that I would share it with everyone.

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