California’s Status!

Posted by The Wild Zimarik in Politics

Now that we do not have a budget that has been settled things are going from bad to “VERY BAD” It has been said that more than a 144000 people have left the state.  WHERE DOSE THAT LEAVE THE ONES STILL HERE? Growing up there was a plumber in the family.  I told my uncle back then that there was only two things a plumber had to know.  ONE PAY DAY WAS ON FRIDAYand SHIT RUN DOWN HILL! If you are a state worker for some there are no more Fridays and for the rest there may not be many more.  As I have said before I voted for Arnold even twice because I could not stand the one that he replaced.  Again I remind everyone that his words at election time were
“I WILL GIVE BACK TO CALIFORNIA” Attention Arnold we the people are still waiting!   We that are still in California are back sliding and you now want more from us in taxes and so on but we are on the short end of the stick and will soon be out of money to help our selves.  At this rate we will all be gone and Mexico will have taken over and never have fired a shot.

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