Public Schools Failing

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It is not a surprise that public schools are falling down on the job.

For starters you have but to watch The Tonight’s Show and Jay Leno’s part on the Jay Walking All-Stars to understand what I am saying.  In short, having to be politically correct seems to be more important than most anything else.  All that you have to do for example is to go to a fast food place and make an order.  This I did at one place, which I will leave the name out.  It went like this…  I ask for a half pound cheeseburger.  The person waiting on me asked me how many slices of meat would I like.  I said, “How ever many it takes to make a half pound.”  I got a strange look.  Then he asked, “Would I like cheese on it?”  This was someone out of school mind you.

After talking to a teacher, it seems to me that how and what they are to teach the students will do little more than set them up to fail.  There are students in classes that disrupt the class in one form or another because there is no control permitted in the class room.  It sounds like I’m putting everything on the school and that is not true.  There are some parents that could use an attitude adjustment too because they let their kids rule the home and do not prepare them for school.

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