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In just one week there will be a critically important election that requires your immediate attention.  Barack Obama, and union bosses have qualified 6 RECALL campaigns against the Republican State Senators who stood up for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and passed his budget.

If Democrats win just 3 of these 6 RECALL elections they will then take control of the State Legislature and be able to fully block Gov. Scott Walker’s entire agenda.  We simply cannot allow that to happen.

Because these RECALL elections are so important, we here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are giving it our all to defeat Obama and the Left – we cannot afford to say “we should have done just a bit more” the day after these critical August 9th elections.

To underscore the point, here’s a segment from Fox News that many of you may not have seen highlighting the millions of dollars that liberal groups are pouring into these RECALL elections.  Please watch this important, short news clip below:

We here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama are working so very hard to raise the money needed to counter those millions of dollars that Fox News noted were being dumped into the RECALLs by liberal groups.  To counter their efforts we need the help of as many people as possible.  And we’re going to keep pushing until we have raised the resources necessary to ensure victory.  We can’t settle for anything less.

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