Three Navy Seals Facing Court Marshal

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SEALs Who Caught High-Profile Terrorist Now Face Court-Martial

by  Rowan Scarborough, 11/26/2009

Now this is something that should get every red blooded American up in arms  Here are three men doing there job it’s no wonder the military is having a hard time recruiting people.  Would you want to have someone throw you to the wolfs ?  I don’t think so!

The military is throwing the book at three terrorist-hunting Navy SEALs who captured one of the most wanted in Iraq.

It seems one of the commandos may have punched Ahmed Hashim Abed, who intelligence reports said planned the bloody ambush of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah, Iraq, five years ago.

Instead of plaudits, three SEALs face court-martial in January. And conservatives are expressing outrage to HUMAN EVENTS.

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