‘South California’ Proposed as 51st State

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  • 3. ‘South California’ Proposed as 51st State

    Fed up with California’s out-of-control spending and left-leaning policies, one local politician is proposing that 13 mostly conservative counties break away to form the new state of “South California.”

    Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone from Temecula, who offered the proposal, called California an “ungovernable” economic catastrophe where taxpayers are crushed by the cost of caring for welfare recipients and illegal aliens, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    On Tuesday, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors considered Stone’s proposal to host a meeting for city and county leaders to discuss secession, and the board unanimously approved Stone’s call for a meeting, which is planned for the fall.

    “This has struck a chord with a lot of people in the state who have suffered economically,” Stone told the Times, adding that he has received thousands of emails supporting his proposal.

    “We know it’s going to be a challenge to form a second state, but it’s not impossible. We’re sending a message.”

    California faced a $26 billion budget deficit in January, and even with a new austerity budget the state still has a deficit of over $10 billion.

    The new state would consist of the coastal counties San Diego and Orange and the inland counties Riverside, Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, San Bernardino, and Tulare. The 13 counties have a combined population of about 13 million, and the proposed 51st state would be the fifth largest by population.

    Republicans account for the majority of registered voters in 11 of the 13 counties.

    A spokesman for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown called the proposal a laughable political stunt, according to the Times.

    But Jack Pitney, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California, told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: “Although this proposal isn’t going to happen, he has drawn attention to the real problem, which is his underlying purpose anyway.”

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