The first countries to ban Islam

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                  ABOUT BLOODY TIME.

   It has finally started…..Crusades as predicted!

The  first countries to ban Islam: See how the world is acting fast on
The  threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.


Japan has  always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country
And they  cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have
Banned any  worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the
Word of Islam  will be deported immediately, including all  family


Cuba rejects plans for first  mosque.


The African nation of Angola and several other nations  have officially
Banned Islam.


Record number of Muslims,  (over 2,000)  deported from Norway as a way
Of fighting crime.  Since these Muslim criminals have been deported,
Crime has dropped by a  staggering 72%. Prison Officials are reporting
That nearly half of  their jail cells are now vacant, Courtrooms nearly
Empty, Police now  free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic
Offences to keep their  roads and highways safe and assisting the
Public in as many ways as  they can.




In Germany alone in the last year there were 81  violent attacks
Targeting mosques.


Austrian police arrested  13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.


A Chinese court  sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail  for 16 to 20 years for
Spreading  Islam hatred.   And have executed eighteen Jihadists;  China
Campaigns against Separatism (disallowing  Islamist to have  their own
Separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government  buildings and
Schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim  families
Prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back  to their
Own Middle Eastern countries.


Muslim refugees  beginning to realize that they are not welcome in
Christian countries  because of their violent ways and the continuing
Wars in Syria and Iraq  whipped up by the hideous IS who are murdering
Young children and using  mothers and daughters as sex slaves.


British Home Secretary  prepares to introduce ‘Anti-social Behavior
Order’ for extremists and  strip dual nationals of their Citizenship.
Deportation laws also being  prepared.


The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their  country, regarding
It as evil.


Alabama – A new controversial  amendment that will ban the recognition
Of “foreign laws which would  include Sharia law”.


The Polish Defence League issues a warning  to Muslims. 16 States Have
All Introduced  Legislation to Ban  Sharia Law.


Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced  plans to leave the
Country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish  locals. The
Announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in  the city of
Belfast, Groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed  teenage Muslim
Gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts  and should be
All gang raped, according to Islam and ”Sharia  Law”.


Even hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered  Muslim
Patients, the majority were given the Band-Aid treatment and  sent home
With staff muttering ”Good Riddance”.


North  Carolina bans Islamic “Sharia Law” in the State, regarding it
Now as a  criminal offence.


Dutch MP’s call for removal of all mosques in  the Netherlands. One
Member of the Dutch Parliament said: “We want to  clean Netherlands of
B Islam”.  Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on  behalf of the Party for
Freedom when he said, “All mosques in the  Netherlands should be shut
Down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would  be a wonderful safe country
To live in, as it was before the arrival of  Muslim refugees”.


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Republicans in Congress stand down on more gun control

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“[Senator] Collins has always voted with us, she has always been willing to compromise.”


– Rabidly Anti-Gun Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer
It’s a lot worse than I thought.

It appears Senate Republicans are rushing to cut a gun control deal with Democrats Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid.

After you defeated all four of their anti-gun proposalson Monday, Sen. Chuck Schumer hosted a press conference with his buddies.

They spent considerable time confessing their love for anti-gun Republican Senator Susan Collins, stating she “has always voted with us.”

You see, Sen. Collins is leading the effort to cut a gun control deal between Sen. Schumer and the surrender monkeys among the Republican Caucus.

It is being pushed as a compromise, but in reality this is nothing more than the mutant zombie offspring of the anti-gun measures you defeated on Monday.

This bill would allow anti-gun federal thugs to label ANY gun owner a “terrorist,” and strip them of their gun rights without due process.

And turncoat Republicans are already flocking to it, including Sen. Pat Toomey (PA), Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Lindsey Graham (SC).

To make matters worse, Collins announced that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) has already given in to the demands of the anti-gun zealots and promised them a vote.

That’s right. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is now pushing New York Democrat Chuck Schumer’s gun control to a vote.

In order to stop this, I’m counting on you to sign yourEmergency Fax “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” Petition right away!

We will send it to your Senator immediately.

Your hundreds of thousands of petitions we delivered over the last week-and-half had a dramatic impact, defeating every gun control measure offered so far.

But this fight is FAR from over, and we need your help.

Anti-gun Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is playing puppet master with Sen. Collins and her anti-gun cabal, INCLUDING Mitch McConnell, and they are already dancing to his tune.

Make no mistake, the Collins/Schumer measure is just a mash-up of Monday’s Feinstein amendment.

I can’t begin to stress how dangerous this could be for our Second Amendment Rights.

Susan Collin’s proposal would give anti-gun Attorney General Loretta Lynch the power to SINGLEHANDEDLY put anyone onto their terrorist database with virtually no justification.

Being put in this government database immediately disqualifies you from owning guns with absolutely ZERO due process.

Now, we already know that the Obama Administration is blaming law-abiding gun owners for recent acts of terrorism.

Under the Schumer/Collins measure, federal bureaucrats would be free to label — with one stroke of the pen — all National Association for Gun Rights supporters as terrorists.

Engaging in activities that — in the eyes of the anti-gun statists — relate to terrorism is enough to have your rights taken away with little recourse.

In order to get your rights back, you would need to go through a lengthy and expensive process in a log-jammed court of appeals.

And once you finally get to lay out your case, more than likely the court will be packed with anti-gun Obama appointees, who can indefinitely delay the process — or just straight up deny your appeal.

So unless you’re well connected or have the money to go through this process, you could simply be left with one option — SHUT UP AND HAND IN YOUR GUNS.

That’s why we MUST draw our line in the sand now, and stop this power-grabbing scheme.

dale, I know you’re a freedom loving American, and I’m truly humbled by the support you’ve given in the past.

So I’m hoping I can count on you again.

Please — even if you’ve already signed — sign your “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” petition IMMEDIATELY.

And along with your signature, consider a generous contribution of $50.

Working to defeat these tyrannous proposals has not been cheap, so I’m hoping that if $50 is too much at this time, you can at least give $35 or $25.

It’s clear that a coalition of anti-gun Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans are starting to line up behind the disastrous Collins/Schumer anti-gun scheme.

We must stand together, especially right now!

Don’t delay, please take action.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. The gun grabbers are doubling-down on gun control after their defeat on Monday.

Anti-gun Republican Senator Susan Collins and a cabal of turncoat Republicans are working hand-in-hand with anti-gun Democrat Chuck Schumer.

The Schumer/Collins scheme is nothing more than the zombie offspring of the proposals we defeated Monday.

It would allow Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch to rubber stamp gun owners as “terrorists” without ANY due process.

And once you’re labeled a terrorist, you have little recourse to get your gun rights back.

Collins has already proudly proclaimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has joined the cabal, allowing a vote as soon as TODAY!

So please sign your Emergency Fax “NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS” petition IMMEDIATELY!

If you’ve already signed, SIGN AGAIN! This makes it clear to your Senator you are serious.

And please chip in $50, $35, or $25 when you’re done.

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Wouldn’t it be interesting if at some point during his campaigning Donald
Trump said “oh by the way….”

Here’s a historic fact that would seem to indicate that many, if not most,
 the people we elect to go to Washington don’t have the slightest idea of

what laws already exist. I did not know of this until now.  It’s
been law for
 over 60 years.



Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S. 

should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic 

groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims).  

The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things, 

being Un-American, dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist.  

Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such 

legislation, and the president called such a prohibition on immigration


As Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”   Itseems that the

 selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions.

Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality

Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition 

of restrictions by president.  Whenever the president finds that the entry 

of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be
 to the interests of the United States, the president may, by

proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the

entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.


The act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979 
to keep Iranians out
 of the United States, but he actually did more.  He made all

Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch.  Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979.


It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration
must be of good moral character and “attached to the principles of the


Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S.

Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.



My husband hasn’t worked for the last 14 years

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Subject: My husband hasn’t worked for the last 14 years

Dear Abby

My husband hasn’t worked for the last 14 years. All he does is get
dressed in the morning and hop in his fancy car to visit his cronies .

I know he`s cheated on me many times with young girls who could be his

I know because he brags about this to me.

He smokes fancy cigars and drinks the most expensive Champagne day and night.

We sleep in separate beds because he`s always telling me he knows I`m a
lesbian and my varicose veins and big bottom turn him off!

Should I clobber him with my frying pan, or should I leave him, Abby?

Your advice would be appreciated ….. Mad as Hell.

Dear Mad as Hell

You don`t have to take that kind of treatment from any man.

I suggest you pack your bags and move out ASAP. Don`t resort to
clobbering him with the frying pan, and try to act like a lady!

Remember ……you`re running for President of the United States,

so try acting like it!


Obama Shrugs Off The Second Amendment

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Obama Tries To Pretend The Second Amendment Doesn’t Exist

Speaking at a PBS NewsHour town hall last week in Indiana, President Obama was asked a thoughtful, nuanced question by a man in the audience about gun control.

His question is worth quoting in full because Obama not only artfully dodges the substance of the question but ignores the salient example the questioner gives about why gun control laws don’t seem to work in places with the strictest measures:

Why do you and Hillary want to control and restrict gun manufacturers, gun owners, and the responsible use of guns and ammunition to the rest of us, the good guys, instead of holding the bad guys accountable for their actions. And Mr. President if I may, I’d like to use Chicago, your home town, a city that has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, a city that for decades, and still is, under Democratic control, a city that has an outrageous an even embarrassing murder rate, as my first example. Why can’t we round up these thugs, these drugs dealers and gang members and hold them accountable for their actions, or allow the good people in Chicago access to firearms to protect themselves?

Obama’s answer is both defensive and dissembling. He first imputes an argument to the questioner that was never made, that Obama wants to confiscate guns. “At no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners,” the president says.

Yet one could make an argument that in fact Obama and Hillary Clinton have both proposed gun confiscation. After the Charleston church massacre last summer, Obama cited Australia’s gun control reforms of the 1990s as an example that America should follow. He did so again after the Oregon community college shooting last fall.

What were those Australian gun control measures? A ban on semi-automatic and automatic rifles and shotguns, and a mandatory buy-back program for the newly banned weapons. What was the penalty in Australia for not handing over your previously legal firearms to the government? Arrest and criminal conviction with up to 12 months in prison. By any reasonable measure, that’s a confiscatory gun control regime, and Obama has publically called for it in the United States.

Obama Shrugs Off The Second Amendment

But that’s not what the man was asking about. He was asking why Obama supports gun control measures that haven’t curtailed gun violence in places like Chicago. He never got an answer. Instead, Obama rambled on about how we require people to get a driver’s license before they can drive a car, and how regulating auto manufacturers—requiring seat belts, air bags, etc.—reduced auto fatalities. The president mused, “Why don’t we treat this like every other thing that we use?”

Because, Mr. President, every other thing we use isn’t protected by an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

On this point Obama is either confused or he just doesn’t believe the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, which was affirmed in 2008 by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. It’s unlikely Obama would ever repudiate Heller outright, since the vast majority of Americans agree that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to own a gun. But it’s a reasonable assumption given the kinds of gun control measures he has called for. (Yesterday, Clinton couldn’t bring herself to say that an individual’s right to bear arms was a constitutional right during an interview with ABS’s George Stephanopoulos.)

At the very least, Obama thinks we should regulate guns like automobiles. He then sets up a straw man, saying, “We are not allowed to do any of that when it comes to guns because if you propose anything, it is suggested that we’re trying to wipe away gun rights and impose tyranny and martial law.”

Setting aside the president’s hyperbole here, it’s not hard to see how regulating guns like automobiles would necessarily lead to a repudiation of the Second Amendment, or how a mandatory buy-back program on the Australian model would impose a kind of tyranny insofar as it would turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.

The NRA Doesn’t Protect Gun Rights, The Constitution Does

But Obama’s true opinion of the Second Amendment came out when he explained how American citizens who are known to have visited ISIS websites—“ISIL sympathizers”—can be placed on a no-fly list: “But because of the National Rifle Association, I cannot prohibit those people from buying a gun.”

No, Mr. President, you can’t prohibit American citizens who haven’t been convicted of a crime from buying a gun because of the Second Amendment, not the NRA.

Not once does Obama breathe a word about Chicago, where the murder ratehas increased by 72 percentcompared with last year. In the first three months of 2016, shootings there were up 88 percent compared to the previous year.

Chicago only begrudgingly allowed conceal and carry permits after the Illinois Legislature passed a concealed carry law in 2013, and that happened only after the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state’s previous ban on carrying a weapon in public was unconstitutional. Even with that law, however, as of November 2015 only 136,920 Illinoisans have a concealed carry license, in part because of byzantine rules restricting who can obtain a license and where they can carry. Of course, all those rules are ignored by the Chicago gangs responsible for most of the gun violence in that city.

But don’t bother asking the president about it.